Ingredients: talinum Paniculatum flower, Radix cCampanumeae, Plumbago zeylanica, CyperusrotundusL, Prunuspersica Storkes

Ingredients: Talinum Paniculatum flower, Radix Campanumoeae, Plumbago zeylanica, Cyperus rotundus L, PrunuspersicaStokes (terc;cavulgarisMill)andtropical herbs. Ta/inum Paniculaturn flower tea bag supports the treatment of weight loss from inside, removes fat from blood, purifies blood, regulates fat metabolism disorder (the main cause of obesity) and decreases cholesterol. Especially, Talinum Paniculatum flower tea bag contributes to decreasing belly fat, thighs fat, improves skin condition, protects livers and prevents the formation ofacne, melisma. Using the tea in the long term will give you a baby-skin.
For the women in the breastfeeding duration, the tea contributes to increasing milk flow, enhances blood circulation, regulates menstruation and supports to excrete clots of blood remaining surround the uterus afterchildbirth.
Furthermore, the tea supports to raise the resistance, stimulates the operation of immune system effectively, enhances longevity, avoidsstrokeand cancer.

Dire. Pout oN)Ornit, ,y water for 1 tea bag, wait fora few ninutesandaronk before breakfast 30 – 45 minutes. uring theusino time, theop wii;decrease, andyou will feel thirstier and crave to eat vegetables and 1′ DrinfdPflPitwe,;^ ” fatandta enhancing the excreting ofr, as much as possible, will contribute to There(‘ is adequate for every age including L en and breastfeeding women, and people who have low blood pressure, stomachache, ,Littylivers. Thetea is also adequate for people who find Ithardto fuseweight,havelong-termobesityanddrug tolerance. During the Using time, you don’t have to go on a diet and can maintain your eating habit. However, you should avoid beers, wines, fat cv Liecrease the amount of starch as well as having dinner before 7pm. Provide fiberforbody through drinking lots° /ate Ideating more fruitsand vegetables.
* DO NOT USE for pregnant women.JUS I USE after one month if you are facing surgry. Caution: * Just use a halfof tea bag for the first four days


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